Volunteers - Vacant Roles

Volunteers - Vacant Roles

Volunteers - Vacant Roles

Vacant Roles

Offering young people great Scouting experiences is only made possible by the contribution
of the adults. There are numerous roles in Scouting and many of them don’t commit you to
regularly weekly attendance on particular days but may involve as little as an evening or two
per month to ensure that the whole programme runs smoothly. Don’t be put off by feeling
it’s a big commitment, there’s a role for you.

Help is always needed and new members are made welcome! Volunteering is not only good
for the community but it also helps you make new friends, try something new, and, most
importantly, it keeps both your body and mind active and healthy.

For more details go to Volunteering with Scouts.

Current vacancies include:

  • Stores Managers
  • Group Managers
  • Skills Instructors
  • Trustees
  • Leaders and Assistant Leaders

Urban Myths why people say they can’t help with Scouting…

No, you don’t. Even as uniformed leaders you don’t have to be able to make it every week. All the roles in Scouting can be made to be flexible with the right support.

No, you don’t. If camping is simply not your thing, you don’t have to do it.

Only if you want it to! You can choose how much time you want to devote. So, yes, some of us do choose to spend many hours every week but equally some people only choose to spare a few hours a year.

Yes, they can. Unless an event or activity is not suitable, then it is usually possible to bring other children along – even on camps.

Yes, you can. There are lots of ways you can help, for example, you could be a Section Assistant, become a trustee, look after kit, write the letters or look after the finances, instruct a skill you already have, help clean the HQ or cut the grass, be a tea-maker or help with fund raising. Everyone has something to offer!

What makes you so sure? Just come along and see what’s involved, after all everyone was new once. Full support and training is given so that’s no problem. There are lots of experienced adults who will be helping you.

Aren’t we all? The majority of adult volunteers all work, many of them full time, and have families of their own. Why not come and find out what’s involved and then decide?

It probably costs a lot less than you think. Your Scout Group usually pays for the cost of the basic training and uniform. The costs of most events and activities for a leader attending is usually factored into fees charged to the youngsters taking part or from fund raising.

The easiest way to join is to go to Contact Us page and fill in your details.

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