Zombies Arrive in Bentham

Both Ingleboro’ Explorer Units combined for a weekend camp when survival skills were put to the test to avoid contamination by a most horrifying Zombie virus! The Explorer’s mission was to defend uninfected individuals in order to preserve the human race for future generations. Despite the imaginative theme, perhaps the most challenging aspect of the camp was the heavy rain which turned much of the well-used parts of the field into a mud bath!  Scary stories around a campfire on the first night, a team nail bashing competition, arrow and decorative spear making, and a Zombie themed wide game were only part of the fun. The young people also catered for themselves and braved many encounters along the way. What’s more, they came through still smiling. Unperturbed, the hi-spirited but soggy campers integrated well, showing great teamwork, which was also evident in the six-strong adult leadership team who coped admirably with the difficult conditions. Well done, everyone!