The Sun Shone for St George


Each year on 23rd April Scouts celebrate St George’s Day. Baden-Powell chose St. George as the patron saint of Scouting as he believed the qualities of the legendary Roman soldier were the same qualities that reflect being a good Scout.

Ingleborough District celebrated with a parade through Clapham to Ingleborough Hall, followed by the renewal of promises, presentation of awards and singing of the National Anthem.

Beavers then enjoyed numerous tasks based around the theme of ‘Twigs’ and they even managed to squeeze in a ‘Swimming Up’ Ceremony.

Cubs, Scouts and Explorers were challenged to pass their whole team through a ‘spider’s web’ without touching the cords, cross a crocodile infested river with planks and stones, make a stretcher and carry their patient around a course, and follow a rope trail wearing a blindfolded. Tomahawk throwing was also a great success.