News From Explorers

Knowing they’d hardly refuse an opportunity for a water fight, last month Settle Explorers challenged Settle Scouts to a battle of capture the flag! The intrepid youngsters split into two teams on Castleberg with each team member wearing a paper target on their chest and back. If it got wet, they were ‘dead’ and had to get another life. Having created dens (basically, a bucket of water) they then defended their flag. The Explorers won the first round, with the Scouts achieving success the second time round! The night finished with a free for all in the dark, with all the leaders getting a bit wet!

More recently, Youth Commissioner, Tom Haigh, presented James Armstrong, who has successfully completed and validated all his leader training modules, with his Wood Badge. Well done, James!

The same night the Explorers learnt the importance of gaining information and using strategy through a role-playing card game called ‘Magic: The Gathering’. Playing the role of a wizard, they needed to cast spells and outwit their opponent whilst keeping an eye on their enemy’s actions. Light-hearted as it may seem, James planned this activity as the transferable skills learnt are essential when trying to figure out issues in the real world.