Dragon’s Galore!

What better start to the Ingleborough District St. George’s Day celebrations, than the crowning of a Beaver Princess and a guest appearance of an eight legged blue dragon! Followed by the Renewal of Promises and a packed lunch on the lawn, from then on it was non-stop action for the Cubs, Scouts and Explorers. Activities included archery and firing a trebuchet to slay a dragon, a blindfold trail through wooded vegetation carrying a dragon’s egg (a water filled balloon) and team building tasks to prepare for a dragon attack!

Not to be left out, Squirrels and Beavers followed an ‘egg’ theme for their tasks including building an egg supporting tower using junk materials, colouring eggs for rolling down egg ramps, jigsaw relay races on the lawn, testing parachutes to drop eggs safely and an egg hunt in the woodland!

The exciting event finished with campfire action songs and a final thank you to the hard-working leaders who had delivered such a fun day for everyone.