Traceable to the 13th Century, when returning European crusaders brought with them Middle Eastern recipes containing meats, fruits and spices, mince pies are a festive treat, nowadays often bought in a packet from the supermarket. Not so for Settle Scouts, who skilfully made their own tasty versions during a recent meeting! Predictably, there weren’t many left at the end of the evening to take home!

Building on their culinary skills, the next week each patrol embarked on cooking a three-course meal for themselves as part of the Chef’s badge. They were given a selection of ingredients from which to choose and then, in Ready Steady Cook style, they had to plan their menu and cook their own supper. Finally, the Patrol Leaders had to give an after-dinner speech to their patrol. Great fun was had by all, so much so that the Scouts never stopped laughing and they even had a chilli eating contest half way through! Well done, Settle Scouts, that’s what Scouting memories are made of!