Spooky Beavers
2 December 2018

Recently, inspired by their new leadership team, Settle Beavers made Halloween lanterns. Using plastic bottles, and tissue paper, the youngsters had great fun making spooky faces which glowed when a battery tea light was placed inside!

The following week, the Colony, plus lanterns, took to the fell heading towards Attermire. At the ‘top’, the children had fun ‘mining’ for treasure and searching for creepy crawlies. The hike ended with biscuits and hot chocolate, while the party admired the view of Settle, including identifying their own houses! As the sun went down, they headed back to the Drill Hall, spotting Mars on the way and admiring the full glory of their glowing lanterns in the dimming light.

 Settle Beavers Nov 2018 cropped Settle Beavers 2 Nov 2018 cropped