Tom Haigh’s Recollections of Gilwell Reunion 2018
1 November 2018


Recollections of Gilwell Reunion 2018 from Tom Haigh

The first weekend of September brings Scout leaders from around the world to Gilwell Park for a weekend of meeting people, getting new ideas, and, of course, plenty of ‘apple juice’. If you have not been before, Gilwell Reunion offers lots of workshops and activities during the day, and then a big party at night! The great bit about Reunion, though, is obviously the reunion bit! At the end of the four-and-a-half-hour journey, it was brilliant seeing friends you haven’t seen in a year or more!

I was there for a reason though. Back in July I went on my Explorer Belt expedition around Europe. The final part of the award is to present your trip to someone, so, with a surprisingly large audience and with a Facebook Live set up, we did it there! Amazingly, we passed!!

My favourite bit of the whole weekend was obviously the karaoke night! For those who prefer more traditional Scout songs to the more recent pop songs, there is of course the Gilwell Campfire! During the day there are many activities which can help you to plan nights back at home or even get permits assessed. For example, I made a mini bow and arrow out of a lollypop stick, some floss and a cotton bud!

And if you like meeting the top brass, it’s the perfect place! They’re all there and happy to talk to you. So, I’d recommend making the journey next year as it is great fun and very useful!

Tom's Gilwell Reunon 2018