Ingleton Beaver Sleepover
2 August 2018

dav davIngleton Beavers sleepover in June was a great success. Beaver Leader, Gemma Tyrie, reported, “We started by making our own packed lunch and then headed to the park for a run around. After lunch, we walked to Storrs Common where we followed a trail to find kites and made woodland creatures (and an impromptu leader scarecrow)!

Back at Mealbank Hall, the Beavers built fires and toasted marsh mallows, learnt how to fire a catapult and put up their tents. After tea and a DVD, they all slept well, ready for bouldering in the morning. It would seem we have some budding climbers in our Colony as they all scrambled up the wall with ease, even those who haven’t done it before. Parents collected their very happy and rather tired children at lunch time and we have already been asked when the next one is.”