St George’s Day Parade, Windsor
1 May 2018

Bear, Princess and Scouts DSC00407March Past DSC00611Band DSC00667 Bear and youth members DSC00385“Awesome!” That’s how one of the 300 Queen’s Scouts who attended this year’s National Scout Parade described her unforgettable experience. This annual event has been held since 1934 on the Sunday nearest to St. George’s Day. On this day, The Scout Association also pays tribute to adult volunteers who have earned Good Service Awards through their dedication and inspirational leadership, as well as Gallantry and Meritorious Conduct Award recipients who, through their actions, have shown true Scouting spirit.

This year Windsor Castle looked stunning, bathed in glorious sunshine. Uniformed Scouts and medal-bedecked members swarmed the streets outnumbering tourists and making the town buzz with excitement. Proud parents, excited award recipients and their guests then assembled in the wonderful surroundings of the Castle’s Quadrangle where two talented Scout bands, plus the magnificent musicians of the Household Cavalry, resplendent in their red and black uniforms and plumed helmets, entertained everyone in the scorching heat, prior to the ceremony. There, Chief Scout, Bear Grylls, and CEO, Matt Hyde, were joined by all the National Commissioners, together with Scout Ambassadors, Julia Bradbury and Dwayne Fields, to host the celebrations. The Queen’s Scouts marched to the castle and assembled on the lawn. Princess Beatrice of York and the Chief Scout, Bear Grylls, then reviewed the parade.

Sue in Quad cropped DSC00728Colour Party DSC00600The Queen’s Scouts then marched to St George’s Chapel for a reflective service with an address by Ahmad Alhendawi, General Secretary of the World Scout Organisation, which wa s relayed to the guests standing outside. To conclude, having assembled in the Horseshoe Cloister, Bear Grylls addressed the Queen’s Scouts, challenging them to remember the values that brought them to the ceremony: the dogged determination to keep going when it gets tough, the friendships, teamwork and caring for others and the Scouting value of selflessness; all old fashioned principles which are still very relevant today. Finally, Bear encouraged the young people to go out into the world to do amazing things and be proud to be a Queen’s Scout.

Review Colours DSC00481Scout Band DSC00533 Review Colours DSC00481 March Past DSC00611 Colour Party DSC00600 Bear, Princess and Scouts DSC00407 Bear and youth members DSC00385 Band DSC00667 Anne DSC00803Scout Band DSC00533