Explorer’s Become Friends
4 March 2018

Explorer’s Become Friends


North Ingleborough Explorers are now all Dementia Friends having taken part in a workshop organised by Gaynor Brown, who is the Dementia Friendly Communities Development Worker for Craven District. This event fitted perfectly with the national Million Hands Scout project which encourages young people to take action on a chosen issue, which range from dementia to those disabled by society, from improving the mental wellbeing and resilience of our communities to ensuring everyone, everywhere, can have access to clean water and sanitation.

Gaynor opened her talk with a video of Bear Grylls talking to a young person about people affected by dementia which can be found at Through a series of activities and videos the Explorer soon realised just how many people are affected by dementia, which is often wrongly perceived as a disease of old age. As a follow up, the Explorers are now planning a fund raising activity in support of the Alzheimer’s Society.