Youth Shape Month
8 February 2018

YouShape 2018

As February is national ‘YouShape’ month, Youth Commissioner Tom Haigh has been working towards making some of the Ingleborough sections a little more youth shaped. He reports that the newly formed Settle based South Ingleborough Explorer Unit has already formed an Explorer committee complete with a Treasurer, Secretary, Chairman and Equipment Officer, with more roles to come as new Explorers join the Unit. Tom is pleased to say they have been deciding everything, from the programme to how much subs should be, which is basically as youth shaped as you can get! Settle Scouts also recently held a big youth shaped evening. When their planned night event could not take place, instead, the patrol leaders ran a great meeting with games and activities to help the Scouts gain the artist badge. A Patrol Leaders’ Council is planned to take place shortly.

It is also encouraging to hear that the Ingleton Sixers are going to be running half a night each in the second half of term, which should be good based on what they have done in the past!