Inglebo’ Leader Parades Past Cenotaph
11 December 2017

Remembrance London 2017

One leader, Tom Haigh, was missing from his local Remembrance Day Parade this year. As a Queen’s Scout recipient and Youth Commissioner, he had been invited to represent The Scout Association in the London Cenotaph March Past following the National Service of Remembrance in Whitehall.

He writes, “I was selected as part of 30 Queen Scouts to march in the National parade in London. As I’m sure you noticed, that Sunday was freezing, not helped by it blowing a gale down Whitehall. We had gathered in Trafalgar Square before 9am to get through security and into position for the march, and so, by the time of the two-minute silence, we were frozen! Thankfully, because space is at a premium and there were literally thousands of veterans marching, we were huddled together quite close, so it could have been worse!

Whilst we waited for 11am, we were talking to veterans who had served all over the world in different conflicts. They told incredible stories of their pasts and some had even been Scouts back in the day! As the hour approached, we all fell silent along with the rest of the nation. The cannon was fired, and the two minutes silence began, to be ended by another cannon and the Last Post. A hymn was sung followed by the National Anthem and then the parade began. As we marched down Whitehall, we were surrounded by thousands of soldiers and onlookers who were clapping as we made our way to Horse Guards. It was an incredible experience walking down the road that day with everybody watching us. We then took the salute from Prince Edward in Horse Guards before we were stopped, and the National Anthem played. Later we discovered we even made it on TV as friends rang saying they had seen us, adding to the already fantastic experience!”

Thanks for telling us about this wonderful occasion, Tom. We are so proud that you were able to represent Ingleton Group, Ingleborough District and North Yorkshire County at such a prestigious event.