Budding Chefs
3 November 2017

County Cooking Competition 2017 Completed Meal County Cooking Competition 2017 D cropped

County Cooking Competition 2017 F cropped

Thanks to the support of their leaders, Bailey, Sam and Dylan from the 1st Castleberg Group recently entered the County Cooking Competition which challenged teams of Scouts to prepare a two-course meal for 4 people within a £12 budget. The maximum cooking time was two hours and the teams could only use a two-burner gas stove to prepare their culinary delights.

Having travelled to the Easingwold Outdoor Centre at Dawney Bridge, the teams had to set up a kitchen area with all the equipment they needed to create their signature dishes under camp conditions. The Settle team joined over twenty others who had entered from across North Yorkshire to show off their gourmet skills. Bedecked in chef’s hats, the lads set to chopping vegetables and preparing their ingredients to create a healthy starter of couscous with carrots, pepper, onion and mixed leaves served in a pumpkin, followed by a tasty Mexican omelette.

The judging proved hard as the standard of all the entries was high but the Settle team deserves to be congratulated as they were placed joint 4th out of a strong field. Let’s hope that their involvement and success will encourage others to take part in a variety of County activities which are on offer throughout the year.

County Cooking Competition 2017 H cropped