Exciting Sleepover for Settle Beavers
7 October 2017

Bell boating DSCF1364Ten Beavers from the 1st Castleberg Colony enjoyed an action packed short weekend at Great Tower Activity Centre on Windermere at the start of September. After a week of rain, Estelle Mortimer, Michael Gudgeon and Anne Cox, the leaders, all had their fingers crossed that things would improve and, against all the odds, the sun shone most of the time.

Low Ropes DSCF1384

The Beavers began their adventures with an orienteering activity and a picnic on the large rock which is the highest point on the site and has spectacular views along the length of Windermere. From there, they went down to the lake to learn the basics of Bellboating, rounded off by an optional jump into the water from the end of the jetty. Hot chocolate and cake back at the bunkhouse followed before a mini pioneering game. Having not eaten for nearly 2 hours the Beavers demolished a huge pan off spaghetti Bolognese for tea before the excitement of a small campfire with lots of songs and toasted marshmallows. Where do they put all this food? Full of sugar but happy and quite sleepy, they then enjoyed a film before exhaustion drove them to bed and sleep. This was an unexpected but much appreciated delight for the Leaders – not a single tear.

After a substantial cooked Sunday morning breakfast, the Beavers set off to the very challenging low ropes course, probably designed for slightly longer arms and legs than the average Beaver, but they went for it in style, and succeeded. At this point, the rain was threatening but held off more or less until the end of the session. A quick drink and a biscuit in the drizzle fuelled them up for the walk back to the bunkhouse in heavy rain, but Settle Beaver sleepover 2017 IMG_1552everyone was happy and, since their parents collected them before lunch, getting wet was all part of the fun.

This was a splendid weekend, enjoyed by Leaders and children alike. They were a delight to be with and we all look forward to a similar event in the not too distant future.