Icelandic Adventure
30 May 2017

Moot 1a

Tom Haigh, Ingleborough Youth Commissioner and UK representative at the World Scout Moot, reports that in May he and his fellow representatives from Somerset, Cornwall, Glasgow and beyond all met at Scout HQ in Gilwell for the final briefing weekend of the UK Contingent’s Iceland Adventure. The purpose of the weekend was to give information about travel, money, the theme of the Moot, which is ‘Change’, as well as handing over the Moot kit, complete with hoodies, neckers and even an eye mask!

Tom reports, “We will be put in international patrols of ten people. Within mine, there are two people from the UK, so, during the weekend, I met my patrol buddy, Tess, who comes from near Hexham. I have also found out that I am going with my patrol to a place called Thingvellir, which I am pretty sure is in Iceland somewhere! The highlight of the weekend was definitely getting the whole contingent of nearly 500 people dancing to the Moot Song, followed by ‘Can’t stop the feeling’! BRING ON ICELAND!!!”

Sounds like Tom is going to have a fabulous time. We wish him well and look forward to hearing all about his travels later in the year.