Explorers to the Rescue
29 December 2016

cas-care-dsc04833-lrAs part of the District’s Community Impact Project, Explorers from the North Ingleborough Unit spent an evening at the Cave Rescue Organisation depot in Clapham last month.

After a brief initial talk by Rae Lonsdale, a CRO controller, the Explorers were divided into teams so they could rotate round three practical activities: ‘Mechanical Advantage’, ‘Engaging the Brain’ and ‘Casualty Care’. The first involved a scenario simulating lifting a heavy casualty up a cliff face using pulleys which gives mechanical advantage to achieve the task. The second was a communication exercise where pairs of Explorers had to work together using radio communications. A harder task than it seems, one Explorer had to describe a landscape picture to their partner who had to draw the picture from the description. This produced much hilarity when the drawings were judged but some were remarkably accurate! The final task involved replicating what a rescue team would do if they found a walker suffering from a broken leg. With one Explorer acting as the casualty, the team donned gloves to physically examine the patient and access his level of consciousness, before transferring him to an insulated bag ready for a carry off the fell.

This splendid evening was informative, hands-on, and fun all at the same time! You never know, CRO might gain some new volunteers in a few years’ time as a result of the visit! radio-3-dsc04845-lr