Moot 2017
15 November 2016



Tom Haigh, who has been selected to attend the World Scout Moot Iceland in 2017, has sent in a superb account of his first training weekend. Read on to find all about it:

“The World Scout Moot (WSM) is an international camp held every 4 years, rather like a Jamboree, but for older members aged between 18-25. The next one will be held in Iceland next summer and I am lucky enough to have been selected to go! Whilst other Scouts were attending services for Remembrance Weekend, I was camping in Walesby, Nottinghamshire, with about 500 other Scouts. The idea behind the weekend was for all of us to meet each other and go through some crucial information about fundraising, travel and activities.The head of the Moot in Iceland, Herman, also attended and told us what to expect, such as the weather, which emerged would be rather like our November temperatures, but with 21 hours of daylight! Many of us thought the weekend was too cold as it was, with our tents having to defrost before packing could commence! The theme of the Moot, we were told, would be ’Change’ so the Chief Commissioner for England, Alex Peace-Gadsby, gave a fantastic speech to us about change in her life and what change might mean for us. After meeting loads of great people from around the country, we had to say goodbye until May when the next weekend will be held at Gilwell Park in London.”

We look forward to hearing lots more from Tom as the Moot draws near.